10 Tech House Heavy Hitters You Should Listen to in 2022

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What is Tech House?

Tech house is a subgenre that, get this: combines techno...with house!

Using the fast-paced BPM of techno and making it flow to a danceable four count, tech house producers have to be ambitious, quick, and fun by nature to keep up with the high energies and booming crowds of private parties and house shows.

Channel13 has compiled a list of some of our favorite tech house producers to watch for this coming year, along with some favorite tracks and super cool facts! Number 9 will shock you :O


1.) Chris Lake

Featured Song: Chris Lake, NPC — A Drug From God

About the Artist:

British DJ and producer Chris Lake started his humble beginnings by remixing bootlegs of hits from already established house icons, such as Eurhythmics and the Prodigy. After receiving a zealous following in the underground UK club scene in the early 2000's, Lake saw even more success collaborating with other acts such as deadmau5, Jess Glynne, and even Missy Elliott to create boppy house tracks and slappy remixes. 

Fun Fact:

He's been quoted to say that he'd most likely be a travel agent if he weren't doing this!

ic: Chris Lake as resident DJ of Marquee Nightclub | photo courtesy of Marquee Las Vegas


2.) John Summit

Featured Song: John Summit — Deep End

About the Artist:

John Summit (real name John Schuster) uses his Chicago roots to create upbeat, summery beats while calling back to the early days of Chicago house. His young age and already wide discography has already cemented the DJ in modern dance charts, with over five million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Fun Fact:

He HATES whistles, dude. Don't bring one to his set! #tiffwhistleOP >:(

ic: A pic we found of John Summit on a website called EARMILK oooo



Featured Song: VNSSA — Cuz of the Beat

About the Artist:

Real name Vanessa Barnes, Southern Californian producer, DJ, and drummer VNSSA pulls from her love of all kinds of music to create one-of-a-kind sets. Self-taught from "YouTube University," VNSSA trained herself with low-budget equipment to fill house shows today with her clash of house, techno, hip hop, and classic disco.

Fun Fact:

VNSSA discovered from producer and owner of Dirtybird Records, Claude VonStroke, that his label wanted her through an AMA on Reddit. She asked the producer anonymously if there were any up-and-coming DJ's he had his eye on, and he said quite simply, VNSSA. She's performed with the label ever since!

ic: VNSSA DJing | photo courtesy of Exron Music


4.) Dom Dolla

Featured Song:

About the Artist:

House DJ Dom Dolla is from Melbourne, Australia. His hypnotic beats launched him to near-immediate success upon his debut, remixing official tracks from every artist from Purple Disco Machine, to Calvin Harris, to Dua Lipa.

Fun Fact: 

His 2021 track "Pump the Brakes," is about Dolla's first car: a Toyota Camry collecting dust in Melbourne—likely collecting dust in his parents' driveway. He's just like us! 

ic: Dom Dolla promotional photo | courtesy of FABRIC LIVE


5.) Anna Lunoe

Featured Song: Anna Lunoe — Double Dip

About the Artist:

Lebanese/Danish DJ Anna Lunoe moved from Sydney, Australia to LA to further her career as a vocalist, guitarist, and house DJ. In 2015, Lunoe was approached, along with Elton John, Drake, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre to help debut Apple Music. She has since hosted her own show on Beats 1 Radio called "Anna Lunoe Presents: HYPERHOUSE," where she interviews currently trending house and dance artists and discusses the current state of house music.

Fun Fact:

In 2016, Lunoe was the first solo woman DJ to perform on the mainstage of the major Las Vegas EDM festival, Electric Daisy Carnival.

ic: Photo of Anna Lunoe on set courtesy of OZ EDM

6.) Solomun

Featured Song: Solomun — Tuk Tuk feat. ÄTNA

About the Artist:

Bosnian-German DJ Mladen Corrado Solomun goes only by his last name when producing and DJ-ing. At his usual Ibiza residencies, Solomun often uses funky basslines and his hip hop and soul influences from earlier points in his music career to create more nostalgic, polished sets. Once an established theater actor, Solomun has planted himself as one of the top house producers and venue hosts of today.

Fun Fact:

As part of a collaboration with Rockstar Games, not only does Solomun play himself as an NPC DJ in the 2018 game GTA Online, but his music video for "Customer is King" was made entirely with GTA V's in-game engine.

ic: Solomun performing in Ibiza | photo courtesy of We Rave You


7.) Black Caviar

Featured Song: Black Caviar — Rollergirl

About the Artist:

Black Caviar is a New York-based DJ duo consisting of members Troy Hinson and Jerry Piccone. Their hip hop-influenced house production is so malleable and crisp in its sound that their tracks and remixes are often used for movie soundtracks, from Spider Man: Into The Spiderverse to the 2019 remake of Charlie's Angels.

Fun Fact:

They met over their self-claimed desire to become alien hunters

ic: Black Caviar DJing an outdoor set | photo courtesy of EDM Identity


8.) J. Worra

Featured Song: J. Worra — On The Run feat. Kaleena Zanders

About the Artist:

Originally from Chicago, Jamie Sitter (stage name J. Worra) pulls from traditional Chicago house and combines them with fresh, underground dance beats inspired by other Chicago-native producers like Green Velvet. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, Worra often uses the mainstage to spread her advocacy work for queer folk and other disenfranchised youth.

Fun Fact:

In 2017, J. Worra released a merchandise line called "Repeat After Me," named after her own track released the same year. The line was in collaboration with the fashion brand, Strata. The line has a more "fashion forward," primarily denim approach compared to typical DJ paraphernalia. 

ic: J. Worra during a daytime set | photo courtesy of Discopussy Las Vegas


9.) Idris Elba

Featured Song: Idris Elba — Girl With The Bat feat. Shadow Boxxer

About the Artist:

Idrissa Akuna Elba is an icon. Since 2006, before truly spearheading his career as a British acting legend, Elba produced several EP's and collaborated with literally everyone from Jay Z to Mumford and Sons. Yes. Yes, Mumford and Sons. His DJ work has satisfied Vegas private parties, boosted careers of up-and-coming rappers, and led him to open his own music label, 7Wallace Music in 2018.

Fun Fact:

He's Knuckles now and there's quite literally nothing you can do to stop that.

ic: Idris Elba doin' his thang | photo courtesy of DJ Mag


10.) Emily Nash

Featured Song: Emily Nash — Distress

About the Artist: 

Upbeat and more commercially accessible, Emily Nash's production has already seen widespread success despite her young age. Before turning 21, Nash signed with major house UK label, Ministry of Sound, and already saw much airplay on British radio and Spotify-curated playlists. Using only a MIDI keyboard and a MacBook, the young DJ and producer shows how much can be accomplished with the right amount of ambition, regardless of the quality of equipment.

Fun Fact:

Emily Nash's heavy interest in music actually evolved from her low score in her math GCSE. Her counselor signed her up for music production classes, where she learned Logic Pro—the same software she uses in her production now.

ic: photo of Emily Nash courtesy of her twitter @EmilyNash



banner photo of Idris Elba performing in London in August 2018 courtesy of Ollie Millington/Redferns/Getty Images

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