Our Story

Bright Beginnings

Inspired by the unique energy of post-pandemic EDM culture, Channel13 was launched in Fall 2021 as a new approach to finding your next expressive and creative rave or music festival look. Our focus is fashion-forward prints/designs that are both beautifully aesthetic and strikingly electric.


photo courtesy of Nicole De Khors, Burst

Embracing the Individual

Our goal is to help every body find exciting rave/streetwear clothing and accessories to match their own personality and individual style. We are proud to offer unisex and extended sizing on most of our products, because we want to help you stand out from within the crowd.


☆ Woman-Owned Business

☆ AAPI-Owned Business


photo courtesy of Cat (@Cazmie), Founder of Channel13

Environmental Responsibility

Read more about our Eco Mission (here) to learn about our goals to reduce retail waste and offset greenhouse gas emissions from shipping routes between our awesome manufacturing partners and you.


photo courtesy of Ayman Salloom, Burst

Giving Back to the Community

We believe helping others outside the festival grounds is also a fundamental aspect of being PLUR. Read more (here) about the charities we support, and how together we can help make an impact on the communities that made us.


photo courtesy of Nicole De Khors, Burst

Proudly Founded in SF

Channel13 was envisioned and launched in 2021 to bring the disco beyond San Francisco in a new '20s rave era ♫♩♫♩♫♩


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100% Carbon Neutral

Read more (here) about how we pledge to plant 1 tree per 1 item sold, offsetting CO₂ emissions from shipping routes and other company operations.